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The SFC Estate Coaching Mission:

Creating lasting financial resources for Non-Profit organizations by Educating their Donors about Charitable opportunities and options within their Estate Plan.

SFC Estate Coaching Core Values:

Honesty – Confidentiality – Empathy – Integrity – Encouragement

The Truth: People’s money will only go to one of these three places after they die:

  • To the People They Care About
  • To the Causes They Care About
  • To the Government

The Problem: Most people in the United States do not have a current will.  Even though many love to help people and organizations they care about while alive, it is left to chance where the money will go after they die.  Setting up a will ensures their legacy goes to the right places…to the people and organizations they care about.  What greater gift can you give the faithful supporters of your organization than to help them ensure their legacy goes toward what they were passionate about while alive?

Yet, having a will is more than just about ensuring a legacy past down to the next generation.  With a will, a family can focus more on healing after losing a loved one rather than worrying about who gets what…a will can be one of the most loving things you can do for a family.  We work with organizations to help people they are connected with to safely ensure their legacy goes where they want it to go.

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Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

by Craig Mellendorf of SFC Estate Coaching on the radio with Dr. Dave Borst

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