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The Problem

Fact: Less than 20% of Americans have a Charitable Component within their Will or Estate Plan.

Fact: Between 55-65% of Individuals or Families do not even have a Will or Estate Plan.

Fact: 94.5% of Americans are Charitable during their Lifetime.

Why the Disconnect?

If individuals or families are generous during their lifetime why are they not generous at their death when there are so many possibilities to share their wealth and still give to their family members?

Over half of the individuals or families do NOT have a Will or Estate Plan in place and if they do have a will there is a 1 in 5 chance that any Non-Profit will be the recipients of any future gift.

How do you move individuals or families who already have a desire to give to remember you as a non-profit in their estate plan?

The Solution:

Having a team of professional will planners share simple viable options that align with the Donor’s values and desires during their lifetime.

We Partner with organizations as a gift to their supporters by assisting them in creating an estate plan that is of no cost to the donors.  We are truly a gift to your supporters because the process is simple and concise and the evidence is shown by the gifts they are now able to share.

Most people are surprised at how much they can give and some are even surprised to find ways they can start giving now without affecting how much is available to assist them in retirement.   Our experience has found that the average person or couple who goes through the estate planning process gives on average about $200,000 to non-profits.  Sometimes the gifts are small, sometimes the gifts are large, but it is not about the dollar figure, it is about the opportunity to help people leave the legacy to you that they already desire to give but have not put down on paper.

How does Partnering with SFC Estate Coaching Work?

  • First, we come to you to discuss if Estate Planning is a good fit for you.
  • Second, we setup a plan of how many estate plans we will do and during what time frame.  We are so sure estate planning works, we guarantee you will get at least 20 times your investment promised back to you from the estates we plan for you.  (Honestly this is an easy guarantee for us since usually 50 times or more of your investment is usually promised in the estate plans.)  Ask us about more details regarding our guarantee.
  • Third, you communicate with your current supporters and fans the opportunity to get estate planning at no cost to them.
  • Fourth, we schedule individual times with each person or couple that goes through the estate planning.  There is normally two face-to-face appointments along with a few follow-up emails and/or phone calls.  The process will take an individual or couple about 2-3 months though it may take longer.  We can meet at the organization’s address or, for a small travel fee, we can meet at the Donor’s home.
  • Fifth, individuals can voluntarily elect to share with you how much they intend to gift to you as part of their estate.  Most people choose to share with you what you can expect in the years to come.  We share the group numbers with you when the planning is complete.
  • Sixth, the individuals or couples take their plan and codify the plan into a legally binding will.

Why SFC Estate Coaching?

There are many benefits in choosing us to assist with creating legacy gifts through estate planning:

  • We have the experience to ensure you get maximum participation from your supporters.
  • We are third party, so your donors feel more comfortable talking openly to us about their giving plans.  We find when donors are relaxed, they actually are more willing to give than when they think there are ulterior motives.
  • We have the training and experience to come up with creative solutions to meet the needs of gift givers.  Honesty, estate planning is not like going down a check sheet.  There are so many ways you can plan an estate that each one ends up a tailor made plan.  We simplify the process by bringing forward only the best options for people to choose from in light of their unique situation so they can balance one or two options for every decision rather than wading through the 20+ options that are available.
  • Our focus is on helping the family leave a legacy, not “getting the will done.”  This may sound small, but many planners and lawyers want to minimize their time therefore they rush people through the will making process without giving them an opportunity of how they would like to remember and be remembered by the people and organizations they love.
  • We have nothing to sell or reason to manipulate people planning their estate.  Estate planning on behalf of organizations is all we do so we focus on doing that one thing to the best of our ability without worrying about trying to sell you or your sponsors other services.