Estate Planning Reviews

I must say we were very pleased with the work Craig did to get us to this point in our planning and think this is an amazing service you are offering to the Faith community. Thank you for making this available.

Sherry McCombe


Craig has been a pleasure to work with, not only because of his knowledge but also because he makes sure the information and suggestions he gives are best for YOU and your situation. “One glove fits all” is not his approach. I appreciate him taking the time out to get to know me as a person. The will and estate planning has been smooth and enjoyable and that is because of Craig’s approach and care. 

C.L. Whiteside

Assistant Principal, Wisconsin Lutheran High School

I have known Craig for over 30 years and have benefited from his friendship, his wisdom and his expertise. On a professional level, Craig has worked with donors, faculty and staff. At his core, he is a teacher and coach. His process of getting a client “attorney ready” has been a valued service we provide. And he is excellent at keeping people motivated to finish the process. On a personal level, Jenni and I went through his estate coaching process and found it valuable as we needed to make some changes to our own estate plan.
Andrew G. Locke

Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

Working with Craig has been a wonderful experience. Estate planning is not something most look forward to taking care of but Craig helps keep it simple and painless. The program has helped my wife and I feel secure in what we are leaving behind for our children and charity. Craig taught us many new things that we were not aware of in order to better serve our children and charity’s with the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone that has not completed their estate planning or is looking to update their estate plan.
Chris Root

Advancement, The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

My name is Bruce Flunker and I am Co-Owner of a company that has approximately 80 employees around the United States. My wife Sally and I were looking to update our will that is 15 years old. We were presented with the opportunity to use SFC Estate Coaching through Christ Church in Mequon WI. We weren’t sure that this service would meet our needs but since it was free to the members of the congregation we decided to go through the process. We were extremely happy with the results. Craig did an excellent job of explaining the different options and opportunities that we had to reduce our taxes and still give generously to our children and the charities that are important to us all the while creating the will/trust that was perfect for us. We felt after the two appointments that we were “Attorney Ready” and have since completed our trust through an Attorney and are very satisfied that we went through the process with Craig. Sally and I would highly recommend anyone who does not have a will or have a will that is over five years old to go through the process with Craig.
Bruce & Sally Flunker

Mequon, Wisconsin

Derek and I enjoyed getting to know Craig. He is very approachable and easy to work with. He is knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We feel good about the Will we put into place and making sure our family is well taken care of. Thank you!
Derek and Angela Fischer

High School Teacher, Lake Country Lutheran (MLHS Class of '97 Alumni)

My wife and I were will into the process of working through an estate plan with our attorney when the SFC Estate Coaching opportunity became available through our church. Since we were already involved in planning our estate, we looked at this as a ‘second opinion’ just as you would with any serious medical opinion. The program proved to be extremely helpful to our overall plan. A very positive point for us going in was that there was no selling of any product. Craig Mellendorf was both knowledgeable and professional. He knew the right questions to ask, had answers to each of our questions and was exactly what we needed to navigate the legal ‘jargon’ associated with this type of planning. Using his valuable input we have now completed our estate plan. We strongly recommend that anyone considering estate planning take advantage of the SFC Estate Coaching program when offered. You will not regret the decision.
Mark & Bev Brueggemann

St. Paul Lutheran Church

My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Craig on our will and estate planning. Craig is very knowledgeable, but more importantly,​ he is someone we really enjoyed working with. We felt very comfortable and confident with the​ ​ process and especially with the suggestions that he provided to us. I would strongly recommend Craig to others!
Bret and Stacey Walter

Athletic Administrator and Head Men's Basketball Coach, Faith Lutheran High School

While Estate planning is not the most exciting thing to think about and one of those things you keep putting off, it is so extremely important to complete. My wife and I knew we needed to do it but just kept putting it off. Working with Craig made the process enjoyable and easy. The way that he walked us through each of the steps was great. Thanks Craig for leading us through the process. I recommend Craig to anyone who asks me about how we went about completing our estate plan.
Ken & Jill Gaschk

It has been a pleasure to work with Craig through this estate planning process. Many don’t look forward to estate planning because of its implications, but having Craig there to answer questions, explain unknowns, and walk one through the process is very helpful. Craig is super approachable, kind, and extremely knowledgable on all things related to wills and estates. I’m thankful to have gone through this process with Craig and feel confident that my loved ones will be taken care of and also have the necessary information should they need it. I definitely recommend Craig and his estate planning services!
Jen McDaniel

Mathematics Teacher & Basketball / Softball Coach, Faith Lutheran High School Las Vegas NV

It has been a pleasure to work with Craig Mellendorf through this estate planning process. He is polite, on time with all appointments, and very knowledgeable. I thought this would be a complicated process, but Craig made it very simple. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and to be able to have peace of mind, knowing that I can leave a legacy behind to the people and organizations that have given me so much in this life. I would highly recommend Craig and the estate planning process to anyone.
Lee Galien

Milwaukee, WI

In regards to Craig Mellendorf of SFC Estate Coaching, I want to thank him and his company for helping me put together my Will. Craig was diligent and quickly assessable to explain and answer my questions. He made it an easy process to complete this important document. Having my Will complete is a great relief for me and my family. Thank you so much!
Julie Grosso

Faith Lutheran High School Las Vegas NV

We had the fortune to work with Craig regarding our estate planning. He was very helpful, professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the options available. We would highly recommend others in obtaining his services for your estate planning needs.
Bruce and Nancy Kellet

St. Paul Lutheran Church

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Craig on our estate planning. Craig’s knowledge and expertise has made this process much less daunting and overwhelming. He has patiently explained aspects of estate planning to us and answers all of our questions. In addition to being a wonderful estate planning coach, Craig is one of the most genuine people we have had the pleasure of meeting. His passion for helping others shines through in his attention to detail and the time he puts into each case. Our lives have been truly blessed by Craig and words do not justly describe how appreciative we are for all he has done for us.
Jeremy and Allison Hedrick

Lake Country Lutheran High School

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